Each apartment has individual heating in the main room. The cost of heating is included in the room rate. In order to preserve the environment, think of the eco gestures of the daily life: -I lower the thermostat of the heating when I leave my housing or when I open the windows.-I avoid the prolonged showers. 5 minutes is ideal! -I cook by covering pots and pans to reduce heat loss.it’s 30% savings! -I respect the recommended temperatures for food preservation and adjust my appliances accordingly: +4°C for the refrigerator, -18°C for the freezer.-I turn off the water when I soap myself or brush my teeth.-I use the dual flush toilet wisely.-I use multiple outlets with an on-off button to turn off appliances on standby. I use multiple outlets with an on-off button to turn off devices that are on standby – a stereo system on standby for 4 hours consumes as much power as one that is on standby for 1 hour – I unplug my charger if it is not in use – I set my computer to energy saving mode – I turn off all lights when I leave a room – I open curtains and shutters when it is light out to avoid consuming electricity – I remember to sort my waste.